1. stop sign
  2. repeat sign
  3. minus sign
  4. open sign
  5. zoom out magnifier symbol with minus sign inside
  6. zoom out magnifier symbol with minus sign inside
  7. street sign
  8. stop or prohibition sign
  9. reduction discounts commercial interface sign of a black label with minus sign
  10. radiation warning triangular sign
  11. restore down sign of interface
  12. power sign
  13. positive heart symbol shape with plus sign
  14. money bag of black circular shape with dollars sign
  15. no music sign of musical note with a slash
  16. conversation speech bubble with exclamation sign inside
  17. code signs in rounded square interface symbol
  18. discount label interface commercial symbol with percentage sign
  19. extra discounts interface commercial symbol of a label with plus sign
  20. conversation mark interface symbol of circular speech bubble with quotes signs inside
  21. caution sign of a exclamation symbol in a triangle inside a rounded square outline
  22. add people interface symbol of black person close up with plus sign in small circle
  23. door sign
  24. hotel sign
  25. open sign
  26. caution sign
  27. fingerprint with dollar sign
  28. fingerprint with arroba sign
  29. road sign
  30. road sign
  31. road sign
  32. traffic sign
  33. traffic sign
  34. traffic sign
  35. traffic sign
  36. traffic sign
  37. traffic sign
  38. traffic sign
  39. traffic sign
  40. traffic sign
  41. traffic sign
  42. traffic sign
  43. traffic sign
  44. traffic sign
  45. registered sign
  46. six persons sign
  47. telephone hours sign
  48. three persons sign
  49. three stars hotel sign
  50. stairs in a square sign