1. zero to one binary interface symbol with two numbers in rounded squares
  2. zero to one binary interface symbol with two numbers in rounded squares
  3. radio tool of rounded square shape
  4. square rounded shape with circles inside interface symbol of list
  5. list square rounded interface symbol
  6. newspaper square rounded interface symbol
  7. note rounded square interface symbol
  8. graphic presentation in a square
  9. list square button symbol for interface
  10. medical cross symbol in a rounded square
  11. calendar rounded square symbol
  12. computer fan square tool
  13. cube without cover square
  14. black list square interface symbol
  15. black notes interface square symbol with spring
  16. checklist square interface symbol of rounded corners
  17. code signs in rounded square interface symbol
  18. close square rounded interface symbol with a cross
  19. cursor arrow in a rounded square interface symbol
  20. data search square interface symbol with a magnifier tool
  21. caution sign of a exclamation symbol in a triangle inside a rounded square outline
  22. sweet bread in a square
  23. stairs in a square sign
  24. square
  25. parking square signal
  26. parking garage sign in rounded square
  27. love symbol of a heart outline in a square
  28. musical note outline symbol inside two squares
  29. ice cubes in a square
  30. fan of square shape outline
  31. dog shape outline in a square
  32. add button sign of a plus symbol inside a double square shape
  33. selector square border
  34. square
  35. square pay logo
  36. box pandora shattered square
  37. square
  38. set square
  39. set square
  40. set square
  41. check square
  42. Square
  43. square
  44. set square
  45. square
  46. square
  47. square
  48. square
  49. square
  50. square