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image/svg+xml Guidelines for the Long Shadows (R-G-B-A):- 0-0-0-40 for an icon with a white/very clear background- 0-0-0-60 for an icon with a colored background- 0-0-0-80 for an icon with a black/very dark background Recommendations:1. Don't put a big icon inside the squared frame. Its dimension should never be bigger than 350px (300x300 is recommended)2. BE FLAT, and BE MINIMAL! Never forget this: think always about how to reduce clutter, reduce elements, simplify colors etc3. If the icon has an hole (e.g. the hole in a donut), that hole should be without the shadow, in order to make the icon better highlighted wrt the background4. As a recommended suggestion, keep the number of colors limited. An icon should never have too many colors. Usually, two or three colors are recommended.5. Try to stick with the original color palette, in order to ease for the user the process of associating the custom icon with the original app6. Prefer soft colors instead of highly saturated ones.




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