1. jack in the box
  2. man on the moon
  3. walking the dog
  4. sex on the beach
  5. around the world
  6. rin rin the tadpole
  7. save the planet
  8. chief justice of the united states
  9. first lady of the united states
  10. speaker of the us house of representatives
  11. bread of the dead
  12. walking the dog
  13. save the planet
  14. bread of the dead
  15. save the world
  16. save the world
  17. phantom of the opera
  18. christ the redeemer
  19. dome of the rock
  20. christ the redeemer
  21. sex on the beach
  22. christ the redeemer
  23. walking the dog
  24. save the planet
  25. save the planet
  26. burial of the sardine
  27. save the planet
  28. save the planet
  29. jack in the box
  30. christ the redeemer
  31. christ the redeemer
  32. christ the redeemer
  33. employee of the month
  34. employee of the month
  35. protect the family
  36. hairdresser with spray bottle behind the client of the salon
  37. hairdresser showing a mirror to the client
  38. hairdresser washing the hair of a client with bubbles shampoo
  39. hairdresser with spray bottle behind the client of hair salon
  40. hairdresser standing with a hair straightener behind the client sitting on a chair
  41. hairdresser with scissors cutting the hair to a client sitting in front of him
  42. hairdresser drying the hair of a client sitting on a chair in front of him
  43. walking the dog
  44. ring phone auricular interface symbol with lines of the sound
  45. night symbol of the moon with a cloud and stars
  46. walking the dog
  47. walking the dog
  48. walking the dog
  49. walking the dog
  50. going to the cinema